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Pictures below are type expected from the cross!


P. Salu Spots X P. Brother Purple `Brother'  .
  Most are F/size


P. Leucadia Lava Flow X P. Brother Purple `Brother'.
Most are F/size



 P. Haur Jin Diamond x (P. Dou Dii Spots x P Brother Sally Taylor).



P. Haur Jin Diamond x P. Salu Super Star.

 (P. Sweet Revenge x Golden Peoker `E') x
(P Brother Sally Taylor x P. Brother Purple `Brother')

 P. Dou dii Spots x ( Brother Pirate King x Brother Purple `Brother')

P. Red  Delight x P. Brother Victory

Dtps. Brother Cortez `Red' x P. Brother Passat

P. Golden Peoker `BL' x Goldberry



P. (golden amboin x corningiana) x P. Brother Victory



P. Golden Peoker `BL; x P.  Red Delight



Dtps. Ever Spring Prince `Allison' x (Formosa Rose x Taisuco Firebird)



'Bedfords Golden Victory'

 P. Golden Peoker 'Nan Chou' x Brother Victory