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Please Note ; All these stem propagations are in very short supply i.e.;
1-4 plants available. Some are still small seedlings eg;3-4 inch leaf span! If you are interested in any' please e-mail me!
Pictures of most of these are posted on the Phalaenopsis hybrid page!
(1  Perfection Is 'Chen' FCC/AOS,CCE
          (Golden Peoker X Black Eagle) Deep red Harlequin!
                   Sweet Citrus Fragrance
1 only, Please Enquire!
(2  P. Universal Princess 'Carmela' AM/AOS
        (Deventeriana x Princess Kaiulani)  Highly fragrant!
Please Enquire!
(3 P. Mary Lillian Taylor 'Red'
Red bronze leaves with Red Orange flowers, hybridized by Geoff Taylor and named for his wife Mary! Pod sown and raised here with very little germination! This could be the last plant of this cross, and it has been used in some of our latest crosses.
Please Enquire!
(5)     P. Princess Kaiulani
        (violacea x amboinensis) Lovely Colouration and very fragrant!  SOLD OUT!
(6)     P. Silbergrube
         (celebensis x equestris) Upright Spike that reverts to pendant with the weight of the numerous flowers 3/4inch flowers, usually you get a bonus plant growing on the tip of the spike with good culture!
             1 large Flowering size    
Have,  Please Enquire!!
(7 P.Cordova 'Orchidphile' AM/AOS
This is the Best, excellent shape, size, very flat and very RED!!!!
Please Enquire!! 
(8)   P. Timothy Christopher x equestris
          Lots of Cream with Apricot lip, multi branched spikes!
50 plus flowers when mature!                                      SOLD OUT!
(9)     P. Sogo Grape 'Maun Flare'        sold out
        (Super stupid x Princess Kaiulani), highly fragrant!
(10   P. Salu Red x Ching Her Black 'Red Rose'
           Very Dark Red, from Taiwan (True clone) Sold out!!!
(11)    P. Everspring King 'Lee'
                  Harlequin, with very striking Colour, Large flowers!
Please Enquire!!
(12)    Sold Out!!
(13   P. Spirit House 'Owens'
 Brought across the pond by the late Colin Taylor ,from 'Owens Orchids of North Carolina USA! Beautiful Self coloured RED, 3inch flowers, used to make.   P. Kilby Michael Boden, a Self coloured Orange! 
                                             SOLD OUT!          
(14)    P. Musashino Moon
          Very large white, from Japan!
Please Enquire!!
(15)    P. Hakalau Queen 'Hawaii' AM/AOS
          Very large, awarded, Hawaiian white Very strong stems!
Please Enquire!!
(16)    Very striking flowers, semi-peloric! magenta on pink !
                 2 plants only N/F/S
 Please Enquire!!               SOLD OUT!
(17)   P. Carmelas Choice
          Lovely white from 'Carmela Orchids' in Hawaii!    Sold Out!!
(18   P. Golden Gift 'Boden'
          Yellow with Green overlay, mini Magenta spots throughout!
Please Enquire!

'Red Hot Imp' Stems!

      P. Red Hot Chilli 'Red Marble' x Malibu Imp 'Evergreen Hill' AM/AOS was a cross made by the late Dr John Martin of 'Evergreen Hill Orchids' in Texas USA. It received Numerous Awards from the 'American Orchid Society' during the 1990s-2000, The Cross was named 'Red Hot Imp'. Listed here below are 4 clones of 'Red Hot Imp', these where acquired from Dr John back in the early 90s as Stem-propagations, these stems where made from them! They are NOT mericlones.! Only 2-3 of each clone are available!

(19   P. Red Hot Imp 'Dorothy Martin' AM/AOS
    Deep Burgundy flowers  always in flower on many spikes!

Sold Out!!

(20   P. Red Hot Imp 'Pam' AM/AOS
    Intense Burgundy flowers, with good form,
 Available at 6" leaf span, more in culture!
Have    Please Enquire!!
(21)     P. Red Hot Imp 'Peter' AM/AOS    
     Dark Red with Cordovan overtone,  stunning in flower!                            more in culture!
Have   Please Enquire!!

(23)    P. aphrodite 'Carmela' AM/AOS
   Awarded white specie 2 plants only available! probably the only plants of this clone available, this side of the 'Pond'
1 Only Please enquire!!
(24)    P. amablis  grandiflora 'Creole' HCC/AOS
   Very Rare awarded white specie,  plants only available! Original plant came from Dr John!      
 1 Only Please enquire!!

Under Construction!