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   (1) Tolumnia Culture

 (2) General Orchid Flasks in the UK!

  (3) Chula Orchid Site,--(General Info on;5.1,- 'Vitamin B1',/ 5.4,- 'Leaching your plants'/ 5.6- 'Copper Snail Barrier,'/ Page 6, 8.0-'Physan for Orchids',/ Page 3.5- 'Fertilizer' (Must). )

  (4) Orchid Sundries in the UK: contact Roger at 'PlantsPlus'                          e-mail:

  (5) The Brisbane Orchid Society Inc.,

Lots of information here Including, Pictures of virus in plants! read and adjust things slightly for UK growing!

  (6) Tolumnias in 'The Orchid Safari' Archives

Good cultural advice here, A bit of a read, but its worth it!

  (7) A Site for the ladies an absolute mine of information on just about everything under the sun, including Orchids!. It also has its own Forum, very handy if you require some 'orchid answers',

 find it on this link;

(8)  Orchid Plant food, contains Calcium !       Phostrogen - Healthy Eating For Plants!

(9)     Please take the time to download and read this, it's pure Knowledge!  'WHAT IS PLANT NUTRITION?'    

(10)    How to Make a Grow Light Video


(11)      No room for a greenhouse take a look at this;   Orchidarium


(12)  Heated propagator link;  Sankey Heated GroWarm 100 Plant Seed Propagator Kit - Richard Sankey & Son - Garden - Greenhouses, Propagators and Accessories - Propagators - Charlies Direct


(13)  GroWell > Eco-Lights - Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)


(14) | Prize-Winning Orchids Direct to You

       From the USA? Check these out, they have some real good crosses coming through!!!


(15)    'Birth of the Blues', a link to HP Norton's 'The Birth of the Blues'


(16)  Molly's Tropical Plants, Speaks for itself! Rare Tropical plants posted  Direct to you!!!!!


(17)    Link To; Villu' who lives in Estonia!, This is a link to his Orchid Plants and where he grows them!!

       My orchids - a set on Flickr

(18)  Link to, the USDA plant Import Licence Information! USDA - APHIS - Plant Import Information

(19)  Link to the 'Central Orchid Society' Information on Show dates Etc; Based in Perton,Wolverhampton, but is very easy to get to from all areas!    'WELCOME TO THE CENTRAL ORCHID SOCEITY'

(20) Link to Stan Watts  Mounted Seedlings. My Mounted Phalaenopsis seedlings!


(21)    --     'Light the Key to Sucessfull Blooming'

(22)           Link to OS Orchids Of Germany

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