violacea coerulea
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    I  recently came across a question on an 'Orchid Forum' asking why some of the Phalaenopsis (vio. coerulea 'Boden's Blue' x vio. 'Gulfstream Blue') cross had slightly` reflexed petals, so i have decided to try and clear that up!

  Many years a go in 1982/3 i imported some violacea coerulea crosses from 'Simansis Orchids' in Indonesia. Amongst these was a selfing (v.coerulea x v. coerulea) This was from the mother plant [Pod Parent) that 'Simansis Orchid's' had up for sale for $50,000. Pictures of this plant where posted in advertisements in the 'AOS journal around 1982/3/4, the flower has swept back petals. This trait has been passed on to many of it's offspring, but not all!, along with it's Indigo Blue lip. A very striking flower, much resembling a swan in flight. The plant was sent to Dr Fowlie in the USA, i believe, with a price tag now of $30,000, i then lost track of it for good.

     My last 4 plants where flowering off and on and i never paid much attention to them for a long while except that i removed the labels on all 4 plants, so that they would not get sold!

Anyway! in 1993 Mr HP Norton, his wife Katherine and daughter Carol came to visit. They where brought over by everybody's good friend and mine the late Colin Taylor, on their way to the 'World Orchid conference in Glasgow, Scotland. HP gave me a gift of Katie Morris 'Nationwide' an orange breeding plant and i gave him one of my label-less 'Blues' in exchange! I also gave Colin one for the trouble he had gone through in bringing HP and his family to see me and a good time was had by all!

    After quite a few years had passed, i came across a cross that HP had made using the plant that i had given to him and not having the label he decided to call it (P. Boden's Blue x v. Gulfstream Blue). The name should be;

 (violacea coerulea 'Boden's Blue' x violacea Gulfstream 'Blue') this should now put the record straight for any further crosses that may be made in the future!.

Whilst looking through Ebay last September 2010 i came across these plants of (violacea coerulea 'Boden's Blue' x violacea Gulfstream 'Blue')  Well what a surprise!!!. These plants where offered for sale by 'Hilltop Orchids' of Cloverdale, Indiana in the USA (Check out their site on my 'Useful links' Page)



                          200522016738 Sold $106/   200522004971 Sold $140/   200525115389 Sold $150/   200528347638 Sold $152

Please Note !! we are not selling this Cross, it belongs to 'Hilltop Orchids' But:

 This Type of breeding can be found on my 'New Flasks for 2011' , Crosses (2) --(10)  and (12)!

and 'Seedlings and Compot' Pages  (2a)--(10a)--12a) and (21)

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Crosses imported from 'Simansis Orchids' where;

v. coerulea x v. coerulea       Sky Blue flower with Indigo Blue lip

venosa x v. coerulea        Most have flowered with heavy green colouration with deep red overlay or bars!

v. coerulea x v. var. Mentawi       Strong magenta pinks on long spikes all where keepers!

aphrodite x v. coerulea (2 plants only imported) .1 was rubbish the other was passable, with slight bluishness around lip!

v. coerulea x inscriptio-sinensis  Only flowered 2 plants. both where a very bright pillar-box Red!

'Java' fimbriata var, gigantum x v. coerulea   One had a good 'Bluish' colouration!

and Doritis pulcherrima x v. 'All Dark Purple'.



                                                X                     =

 ( doritis pulcherrima x v. 'All Dark Purple'.)                    violacea coerulea 'Boden's Blue' (type)

 Cross name;  Doritanopsis Kenneth Schubert     X         violacea coerulea 'Boden's Blue'


This cross is coming soon crossed to; P.violacea 'Carolina Blue'      


The doritis pulcherrima in the pod parent imparts a much longer stem length, up to 250mm -300mm in established plants lifting the flowers well above the foliage,  unlike other crosses where the flowers sit on the foliage. Flowers all year round, with good light , also the flowers are very  fragrant!

Other clones are shown on the species page !

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