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New Greenhouse Pics for 2011!

Had a bit of a shock in the spring of 2011 the front of the North Greenhouse fell of it's foundations. Had to wait for good weather to take a look because the whole of the polycarbonate sheet had to come off, with the plants still inside, although a carpenter by trade it was still a job i did not fancy doing because of the risk of it all collapsing in a heap. So i purchased the timber, tantalized 2x2, and made a start by removing the front sheet, most of the screws had perished this, sheet is 5m's long. This is what it looked like Before and after;


complete with Two ants nests! The front had to be carefully lifted up to it's original height and this was done with a series of ever longer wooden props. The bottom was completely rotten and so where the uprights for the first 12 inches. So i removed all of this and replaced it with new timber i also fixed in some restraining straps along the bottom to hold the bottom in place!

Now before cleaning and replacing the front sheeting i took some Pics from outside the greenhouse, through the gap in the poly/bubble, here they are!;  



These Pics are of the inside of the same greenhouse during the repair operation, All's well that ends well they say!!!;