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          Home to Blue Phalaenopsis and Doritanopsis !

And Primary Hybrids in the UK!! 



New Picture's of plants flowering 2011/12/13



  First Flowered plants of (P. Golden Buddha x Moon Nancy) x P. Sierra Gold 'Suzanne' FCC/AOS flowering at 3-4" leaf span.





Long Stemmed 'Blues'


Almost all of these plants have been hybridized, flasked, grown on, and flowered here on the premises!


See this and other New Pics on the Greenhouse page!


Phal. violacea 'Carolina Blue' primary hybrids

( Indigo Reds)


We are situated in Telford, Shropshire, England, 1 mile from the 'World Heritage site of Ironbridge', which is the site of the worlds first 'Cast Iron Bridge' built by Abraham Darby in 1779.

We have been growing Phalaenopsis for 40 years, with lots of other genera mixed in for good measure. Owing to the external limitations  of our site all greenhouses are `lean-to's' . We suffer from  a severe lack of good light in winter and day length in summer, So we have to make good use of supplementary lighting, more on this later!

    I was Show secretary to the 'Central Orchid Society' for several years, which was a most enjoyable period, Meeting and communicating with people from all walks of life whose primary interest was the growing of good orchids. Taking plants to the shows to be judged, and hopefully take home a cup or two, should be a prime factor in your aim to better your growing skills, year by year.

 I have been flasking my own seed  and doing stem propagations since 1990!. Trying to go in a different direction to the sometimes 'Standard' crosses being raised for the pot plant market. Some are offered for sale inside the site, more are growing on and more are at the protocorm stage so patience is needed!

Our stock plants have been purchased during the last 30 years from 'Simansis' in Indonesia, 'Carmela Orchids' in Hawaii, John Ewing , Khoung and Oceanside all of California, H.P. Norton in South Carolina and last but not least , the late, Dr John Martin, of 'Evergreen Hill Orchids' Dallas, Texas, all of the U.S.A.


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       (P. Golden Buddha x Moon Nancy) x P. Sierra Gold 'Suzzane' FCC/AOS

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 My granddaughter, Shannon, holding species Phalaenopsis violacea var.murtoniana 'Leprechaun', CCM/AOS 87points.

And October 2010 Cattleya bowringiana

June 2011 (from bottom clockwise) Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel, Saint Swithen, heneryanum, and Phrag. sedenii


   2006      2010      2011     

My granddaughter, Keighley, holding two primary Paphiopedilums.

And October 2010 Cattleya bowringiana

June 2011 (from bottom clockwise) Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel, Saint Swithen, heneryanum, and Phrag. sedenii

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