New Flasks for 2011
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Please note!  Sale of flasks !!   ( I have No flasks at the moment)

   Owing to  family bereavement i have lost most of my flasks, however, all  crosses are available as seedling to flowering size, on the 'Seedling/Young plants) page!

    More crosses have germinated, a while ago and are ready for replateing, so the flasks will be back soon!!

We have many crosses, germinated and growing well, of Phalaenopsis and Doritanopsis Primary hybrids, and hybrids,  with some  Tolumnias in there as well. Seedlings to Flowering size available now (2013) on the Young plants page!

I will be making a listing soon, on what is coming!! As usual I have used, wherever possible, two parents that carry fragrance to make the cross. Hoping that the fragrance will carry on through in this next generation, and as we all know;

'It's Mother Nature that Paints the Flowers'.

Please 'Double click' the pictures to view full size!

Please Note! We are now sending out our new mini 'Growing pod' with each flask. These have been tried and tested here for the last 12 months. It consists of 2 plastic drinking cups 1-1/2 pint and 1-180ml and a small quantity of New Zealand Sphagnum moss.

 To use, Moisten the moss and place 2/3rds of the moss in the 1/2 pint cup, remove plants from the flask, wash roots gently, and place plants on top of the moss, cover roots with the remainder of the moss. (Write the label!) You can then stand the cup in rainwater 1/4 " deep, Nothing easier!!  See Photo!  When plants have grown to the size of plants 2-5, they can be moved on into a 1 pint glass, ('Poly/Plastic), using the 1/2 pint on top. (See plant on left) The plants can be grown like this for quite a while, with visual inspection of the roots at all times, then transferred into a 3-4" plastic Clear pot. This method of growing greatly accelerates growth, with a good growing environment! Please Do Not Place in DIRECT sunlight !!

Updating Soon (16th March 2014)