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We have  a selection of Primary Phalaenopsis and Doritanopsis crosses, for sale.

All the Plants offered for sale on this page are of our own breeding, from our own stock plants, and can only be purchased from us!  (Edited June 2014)

     We have a normally have a few Large Plants, drawn from this Primary cross surplus too requirements. They have flowered 1-2 times and are the same colouration as the pictures on the 'Blue Gallery' page. They will have 1 spike or more which will commence flowering February- March 2014, all are very fragrant!!

We need to make room for newly potted plants,

These are offered at 25 each ,


Code #1

'Dtps. Sapphire's Galah'

 Dtps. Kenneth Schubert x P. (violacea var. coerulea x violacea Var. Mentawi ) x violacea var. coerulea 'Keighley')

 Strong violacea type growth, with 12" long heavy spikes on second flowering carrying 3-5 `Blue' violacea flowers

are extremely fragrant. 3 shots of 'Blue' in the cross! 

      Plants offered for sale at Flowering size! 25.  


under construction!